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6 Steps to Wear a Mask Properly

How to put on a medical face mask isn’t exactly rocket science, but how to wear it properly in order to fend off unwanted viruses, while isn’t the hardest thing to master in the world, is something you should know well. After all, face masks, along with washing your hands thoroughly, are seen as essential in containing covid-19. You think you got it all right? ‘Think’ is not good enough, scroll down to find out if you nail it.

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Before we get to the point, it is important to understand why wearing a face mask properly is key to lowering the chance of catching or spreading the pandemic. Interacting with people indoors and spending 30 minutes or longer without wearing a mask around people (except in your own house) puts yourself at a much bigger risk; for most people, especially those who are required to work in an office setting, practising social distancing is not feasible, in that case, wearing a face mask offers you the best protection you can hope for.

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Now, a few points to remember when you put on a face mask:

  1. As always, wash your hands before you do anything.
    The always needed first step to doing anything these days applies to face mask wearing too.

  2. Upside-down is never good.
    Yes, upside-down is bad in Stranger Things, and when it comes to masks, it is not much better. It may be difficult to tell which side should go up, but the rule of thumb is you should be able to feel that there is a nose clip you can adjust on the top side - that side should always go up.

  3. Your mask would love to be left alone.
    Doctors advise strongly against touching your mask once you have it on. There are occasions you will have to take it off and put it back on, like when you have to eat or drink, but remember always only remove your mask using the side straps. You should try not to touch even the outside of your mask as it is likely to house some viruses and dirt, and keep in mind the inside of the mask has a strictly ‘do not disturb’ policy.

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  4. Your nose is shy, cover it up.
    We get it, wearing one in the hot weather is not the most comfortable experience for anyone. However, if you let your mask slip under your nose, you are defeating the purpose of wearing one.

  5. It should fit your face well.
    You do not want your mask to be too big because a mask too loose will give out too much airspace, ideal for breathing, but it does render the mask rather useless as far as protection goes. If it’s too tight then you will have trouble breathing and you will mist up your mask very quickly, and a damp mask will offer your much less protection.

  6. Remove your mask from behind when you need to dispose one
    Just as how you take it off, just remember when you throw away one, still stay cautious and take it off from behind (touching the straps), and put it away in a container that can be sealed or fully covered. When done, don’t forget to wash your hands!

That’s it! There isn’t really a lot you need to remember. Now you know how to wear one well, why not ramp up your mask game with ones that offer your protection and are also stylish:!